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Ningbo Mayway Electrical appliance co.,ltd. is located in industrial zone of north Yuyao,Zhejiang,China,which is on the south bank of Hangzhou bay,with a distance of 60KM to Ningbo port,while Shanghai is to the north across the bay.connected with Hangzhou bay transoceanic bridge.
We are a professional Wholesale Handheld Fabric Steamers Manufacturers, Wholesale Handheld Clothes Steamers Factory and exporter with desining,developing,producing,selling,relative services. The factory covered 4000square meters,we have been equipped with strong technical forces and as well as advanced equipments,and so we can meet your requirements in every respect as to production capability and quality. Our products include electric iron,handleheld garment steamer,steam brush etc.We have certified with the international ISO 9001 quality assurance standard and BSCI. Moreover, the Hanging Ironing Machine have got CE/GS/CB/ROHS/ERP/PAHs approval and exported to all over the world such as Europe,middle east,Russia,Asia and south American etc.
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Industry Knowledge Development

Features of Handheld Fabric Steamers.
Handheld fabric steamers typically have the following.features.Compact and portable design, making them easy to use and store.Heating element to quickly heat up water and produce steam.A steam head or nozzle to direct the steam onto the fabric.A water tank or reservoir to hold water for steaming.Adjustable steam output settings.Some models also have attachments for steaming different types of fabrics or reaching tight spaces.Some models also come with a brush attachment to help remove wrinkles.Many models have built-in safety features such as automatic shut-off when the unit gets too hot or runs out of water.Many models of appliances and machinery, including those used in industrial and commercial settings, include safety features to prevent damage and protect users. These can include automatic shut-off mechanisms triggered by overheating, low water levels, or other potential hazards. Additionally, some models may also have sensors or other monitoring systems to detect and alert users to potential problems before they occur.
Scenarios for Handheld Fabric Steamers.
Handheld fabric steamers are typically used in a variety of scenarios, including.Travel: Handheld steamers are popular among travelers because they are compact and easy to pack. They can be used to quickly refresh clothes while on the go.Home use: Handheld steamers can be used to remove wrinkles and freshen up clothes without having to iron them. They can also be used for steaming curtains, upholstery, and bedding.Professional use: Handheld steamers are often used by tailors, fashion designers, and dressmakers to press clothes and fabrics during the design and fitting process.Garment care: Handheld steamers are useful for removing odors, stains and killing germs on clothes.Arts and crafts : Handheld steamers can also be used to soften fabrics for crafting and to activate fabric glue.House cleaning: Handheld steamers are also used to clean floors, surfaces, and hard-to-reach areas.
Benefits of Handheld Fabric Steamers.
Handheld fabric steamers offer several benefits over traditional ironing methods. Quick and easy to use: Handheld steamers can be used to quickly refresh and dewrinkle clothes without the need for an ironing board.Gentle on fabrics: Steamers use heat and moisture to smooth out wrinkles, which is less harsh on fabrics than the intense heat of an iron.Safe for delicate fabrics: Steamers are safe to use on delicate fabrics such as silk, lace, and linen, which can be damaged by the high heat of an iron.Portable: Handheld steamers are lightweight and portable, making them easy to take with you when traveling.Multipurpose: Handheld steamers can be used for more than just clothes. They can also be used to freshen up curtains, upholstery, and other home textiles.Energy efficient: Handheld steamers use less energy than traditional irons, making them more environmentally friendly.